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>*   Cost/Benefit Analysis of Environmental Regulatory Programs - 
>Assessment of the Value of Reducing Mortality Risks - The EPA 
>Environmental Economics Advisory Committee (EEAC), a unit of the EPA 
>Science Advisory Board (SAB), will meet on September 14 and 15 in 
>Washington, DC " ... to discuss appropriate methods for valuing 
>mortality risks in the context of cost-benefit analysis. The EEAC 
>will be augmented by economists from the chartered Science Advisory 
>Board as well as the Advisory Council on Clean Air Compliance 
>Analysis ... [EPA] uses a value of statistical life (VSL) to express 
>the benefits of mortality risk reductions in monetary terms for use 
>in benefit cost analyses of its rules and regulations. EPA has used 
>the same central default value (adjusted for inflation) in its 
>primary analyses since 1999 when the Agency updated its Guidelines 
>for Preparing Economic Analyses (2000). Prior to the release of the 
>Guidelines, EPA sought advice from the Science Advisory Board's 
>Environmental Economics Advisory Committee (SAB-EEAC) on the 
>appropriateness of this estimate and its derivation. In 2000, EPA 
>also consulted with the SAB-EEAC on the appropriateness of making 
>adjustments to VSL estimates to capture risk and population 
>characteristics associated with fatal cancer risks. On May 12-13, 
>2004, the Environmental Economics Advisory Committee held a 
>consultation to discuss the robustness of estimates from the 
>mortality risk valuation literature. EPA is now in the process of 
>revising and updating its Guidelines and as such would like 
>additional guidance on its approach to valuing mortality risk 
>reductions. The EEAC has been asked to review two papers related to 
>this topic. The first paper (posted at 
>) addresses the application of meta analysis techniques to the 
>derivation of estimates for mortality risk reduction. A second paper 
>discusses appropriate and available methods for valuing mortality 
>risk reductions when affected populations have varying life 
>expectancies. This paper will be posted at 
>..." - Comments to be considered by the committee during its meeting 
>are due by August 31 - A list of members of the EEAC is posted at 
>- Questions about meeting arrangements may be made to Dr. Holly 
>Stallworth at 202 343 9867; e-mail: 
><mailto:Stallworth.Holly at EPA.gov>Stallworth.Holly at EPA.gov - 
>Questions about EPA work on valuing mortality risk reduction may be 
>directed Dr. Chris Dockins at 202 566 2286; e-mail: 
><mailto:Dockins.Chris at EPA.gov>Dockins.Chris at EPA.gov - EPA August 21 
>Federal Register: 
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